Thursday, January 24, 2013

Needs a Break...

  • Evil sickness of death continues (i.e. possible mold/construction induced sinus sickness)
  • Smog of Utah heightens the evil sickness of death's problems, ears, nose, throat, chest pretty
  • Big toenail got ripped off...ehhhhh
  • Fell down the JFSB indoor stairwell
  • Fell on my hip/left knee getting out of the car onto the ice sheet that covered Utah
  • Elbowed in the forehead -hard- resulting in a goose egg that has turned into a serious head bruise/pain if I make facial expression
  • Had an ECG (EKG)
  • Had blood work done (needle pained arm)
  • Getting a 24 hr heart monitor to maybe figure out my racing heart and dizzy spell problem
I think my body needs a break.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Everything

Happy Christmas
Happy Birthday - to me!
Happy New Year

In short, I spent a single day and a half at home for Christmas, reveled in the joy of a Christmas tree and lights, danced a lot and ate food. 
I turned twenty-six and officially decided it was time to start lying about my age. The entire year I was twenty-four I kept saying to people, "I'm almost twenty-five!" I guess I felt so crazy about being almost there that I just missed out on twenty-four, now this entire year I've become comfortable with twenty-five and now that it's changed it just feels wrong to be anything but twenty-five, so here's to my third year going at twenty-five!
New Years...more dancing, enough said. 
Pictures Anyone? 

 I took Ceramics this last semester. Mom was more pleased than I expected
over the teacup I made her, I think dad liked his mug too.

Aren't I cute even with my hair crazy on top of my head? 
Yeah, I thought so, it's those festive socks, right?

Here's a better shot of the ridiculousness of my hair, and how much I LOVE missionary work
...and mini things. 

So, I have a Brother in Law. Sometimes this fact slips my mind so I thought I should feature dear Aaron here. He's a kind and hairy fellow.

We matched, that was the only purpose of this picture. And I guess cuz we're cute.

This was the only not so blurry photo...just imagine trying to get me AND Olivia to look normal in a picture. I know it's Aunt Ginger and Aunt Amy's worst nightmare come true in this photo. 

Blurry. But nice. 

In other unfortunate news, my horrible bathroom has progressed to this point now, much more of the wall gone and lots of nasty mold and other rot behind. 

On the up side this meant I spent my birthday weekend in a hotel. And everyone knows how much I love cheap hotels. (No, really. It was a dream come true and I'm not even kidding here).

Delicious and amazing homemade birthday foods. Homemade wheat sourdough with avocado and mozzarella and homemade tomato basil soup - woooooowza, so good. 

 Some of my work friends that joined me for the Sunday Birthday dinner.

Mom couldn't handle her "baby" getting older without her there so dad drove them down after church and they surprised me at my friend's house. Happy becoming a mother day to you, Mom!

I made myself a "mango float," a dessert of the Philippines with layered graham cracker, cream and sweet and condensed milk with mangoes, frozen, and devoured out of the pan as pictured.

To end the many festivities I worked all weekend then had a semi-low key New Year, which went a bit awry at every turn but resulted with some dancing and so for me it was perfect. I love dancing! This is something I rediscover every once in a while and the last few months since returning from traveling I rediscovered it and have taken every opportunity I can find to dance. I look forward to much more dancing, eating of good foods, missing (and maybe returning to) the Philippines, teaching missionaries, graduating, finding a new job, and lying about my age. Here's to 2013 and being 25! (uhhhh...26...shhhh!)